Stop Borat (and make some money in the process)


Dear Western Peoples”

La adresa asta gasiti un mic magazin virtual de unde puteti cumpara chestii anti-Borat. Scris pre limba Boratului intregul site e funny rau. Citeva exemple mai jos. Favoritele mele sunt alea cu Uzbekistanul…un fel de Bulgarie din Asia Centrala.

„We have better than Borat show. Love child of Shakira and Eminem. Borat don’t watch”

„We don’t have horse and cart on the highway. Maybe you would see that only in Uzbekstan.”

„The bear is a great beast in our contry. Maybe you think he is Yogie or 3 bears from Goldie Locks. He is much viciouis and kills many villagers every year. Instaed of killing the bear he is made to do the stupid dance. He then becomes much afraid of the villages and does not come near people. Instead he goes to look for food in the woods and near the chemical dump in the mountain”

„Our demands

One. We demand personal apology from Queen Elizabeth II for the humiliation upon our nation caused by British funnyman Sacha Baron Coen. Furthermore, Prince Charles and Camilla must pay an official visit to Kazakhstan. Camilla is much popular with Kazakh people. What Princess Diana was to the West, and Marylin Monroe is to Uzbekistan, princess Camilla is to Kazakhstan – and more. Kazakh men put up her colour pinups in truck and tractor, and Kazakh women go for Camilla look. You will see Camilla photo in many a yurta.
Second: We want to know secret of Camilla’s beauty.
Three: We are willing to negotiate peace with Neville Chamberlain”

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